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    A Brief History of Nangor Resort

    Our Resort is situated on the Ottawa River in Hennessy Bay near the historic town of Westmeath, Ontario. We are known to have one of the finest private beaches north of Ottawa.

    Nangor was first developed by Senator Gordon and Nancy Hooper, well known locals around Westmeath. They named the resort using the first three letters of each of their names, NAN-GOR.

    When they retired, they turned it over to their son Jack, who owned it for many years. Since the days of Senator Gordon, Nancy Hooper and son, Jack, the Nangor Resort has had a series of owners and is now owned by Barbara Teuthof and her family.

Who We Are

Barbara Teuthof

Barbara ( Your Host )

Barbara Teuthof is the General Manager of Nangor and your host.


Theresa ( Manager )

Theresa is the manager at Nangor and takes care of cottage services.

Michael Barkley

Michael ( Support )

Michael oversees general maintenance at Nangor Resort.

Lotus the Dog

Lotus ( Public Relations )

Lotus welcomes guests and always makes sure to give you some company.